Article by Mr.Ibrahim Sunusi Bala reported that Jaguar xj coupe is reborn with 400-HP V8 engine with stunning carbon body.Making my desire high hugh in higher planes to find out more about this wonderful recreation of Jaguar with stunning carbon body.

Jaguar XJ got retired with the 2019 model year, thresholding over 50 years in production.

An electric successor could have been produced but faces sledge hammer, cancelling the plans, as such XJ Jaguar stands as the only British marketer automaker’s surviving sedan made vehicle.

Out of the over 100000 XJS manufactured, only about 10,500 XJ coupe were produced during the MK II generation, between 1975-1978.

We came to know that XJ is toasted as the Jaguar’s flagship luxury sedan,but there was a relatively known XJ coupe built by the Jaguar plant teaser automaker.

The company new carlex jewel line, is breathing a new breath of life,to tally with the modernization processes awash in the auto making industry across the globe.

New carlex jewel line is a polish design studio,carlex design.Presenting Jaguar XJ coupe as it first project to be launch with the aims of making a few carlex jewel cars every year consisting unique interiors.

As a flashcards, the rebranded XJ coupe displays an exquisite interior, couples with high quality leather and wood.Aiming to insert as an inclusion program “precious stones”, in other carlex jewel productions which some auto critiques criticized as having an not so svelte interior.

Presenting the custom XJ coupe, we see a British Racing green and carbon body with a massively or larger wheels, the features that others argued reduces the coupe car weight and allowed it to have bold appearance.

At least to the eyes and not the drive experience”.

Unlike the former engines and horse power statistics, the carlex jewel line production savvy is offering a V8 powered powerful vehicle at 400 horsepower.

Thereby upgrading every thing about the car utilities. From the suspension, gearbox and brakes. In fact just every thing about the engine to modern standards.

Jogging with the humming birds in the sky as the Jaguar XJ coupe production continued, putting finishing touches and modelling the brand to the 21st century standard. I hope to get one of the Jaguar XJ coupe each for my two some girl friends Fatima and Farida given the price status.


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