The world opened it conscious, not with the sweet dreams of juicy oil crudeness, and it values.

Ah,the values oil creates in jobs,in revenue generations, in income taxes etceteras, around the world economies is great in no means status.

Oil sheiks, money backs,oil barons, cartels, superheroes, technocrats, middlemen etceteras. All in oils mould,with creatable and treatable more opportunities in the fields of oil explorations can it be quantify since the advent of oil as a means of power?.

If at all,it can be quantify,then the task is an enormous one,for hundreds of billions if not trillion of barrels of crude oil has gone pass by in consumptions by the ever readily available market.

As life is,so is life.The juicy may back contracts of oil explorations perusal as sauntered on the altar of high market prices creates egalitarian values to nations economies around the world, not to talk of the monopolies it creates or imposed on poor economies.

Oil at one time in history is the gold all run’s to,seek to acquire and preserved for future uses,but no longer the priced possession of a nation as various sources of energy at a relatively lower cost like winds, solar etceteras are now available.And producing great electricity for energy.

These all isn’t as shan’t in some quarters, the brains opener, in a sense adequate to opinionate that oil reservations by some economies becomes a wastes of energies strength. As it is discovered that gasoline sourced from crude oil and uses by 90% produced high power vehicles and industrial corporations as a source of power is the bill pie of the bull chants of climate change, diluting the air and causing air pollutions that greatly affects humanity.

To curbs the effects on climate change, electric vehicles becomes the norms,and went to be produced in larger circles as a means of lesser greenhouses emissions.

Outrightly, fresh electric vehicles are now produced,so also any vehicle that before now is in combustion status can be converted to electric vehicle by simply removing the combustion engine and adjusting the engine space premiereship to that of electric vehicle.


Companies like Zelectric,Green Motors, Inc,Green Conversion etceteras do the magic or individually you can go by yourself avoiding the mechanics evil spanners by acquiring conversion kits or DIY resources like EV4U custom conversion.

As listed above, the process though varies according to the mechanics handling the conversion, but the general applications involves after removal of the engine, the gearbox and the fuel tank as well as a few other bits and pieces for a motor and a set of batteries. The conversion include.

-Disc front brakes

-A rebuilt transmission

-Drive by wire throttle

-And a digital dashboard fuel refurbishment.

Though in most instance,optimal adds-on goes with the work out protest,such as.


-Heated seats

-Power steering and windows

-Adjustable suspension

-And a Tesla charge port.

There are others not only limited to the above retrofitting process.

Electric vehicles conversion companies break the rules of the game in an acceptable manner by retrofitting internal combustion engines vehicles to run on electricity in place of gasoline.

Vehicles such as Porsches and Volkswagens are good for conversions,but classic cars,boats, bicycles and other equipments can also be converted depending on the company engaged to carry out the won’t be combustion.

There are also works in customization stage or done for you conversion tailored to your specific needs and you can buy parts,kits and workshops education so that you can complete the project by yourself.

Mechanics need not to be blacks anymore as smears in dying engine oil or be under the car with spanners in alignment to fix your defaulted car.All your car need is motor and a set of batteries with a charge port to runs .Hybrid vehicle can also be converted to a plug in hybrid, Green Motors,Inc specialist in this aspects.





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