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(Episode worth)

(It’s a sort of feverish catching,all set with requisite documents at hand to travel back to London in search of the much desirable greener pastures as is a trend with Nigerian who grew tired of the usual polity’s inabilities to provides the necessary changes to good life and ones full potentials as an artist with craft to showcase to the world for recognitions, appreciations,and playable mode.)

(Mr.Markus Peter Tosh says in a cliff notes tone.)

“All around if you look carefully,all you could see are humanity pummeled into submission by the policy of the polity_moving around in jerky nickers, with wrinkles all over face,as a result of lack of good government policies”.


3.50PM UTC.

(Mr.Markus stop’s a taxi cab with the intention of boarding to the airport, and the following conversation ensure between them.)

PASSENGER.(Untie his corporate ego,and wear a street garment).

“I need a chauffeuring to the airport, will you mind if I charter your cab?……”

(Shortly after stopping a taxi).

TAXI DRIVER.(In quick move,garner momentum in immediate alacrity without slacking off or sleeping in duty).

“That is why,I am on the street,to drive around the metro prospective passengers if the pay is good”.

(In wiser tone,he answered, casting off all villager habit vacation).

PASSENGER.(Really amused by the attitude of the taxi driver, good payment beget good services).

“Yeah, that is really great, you have a business acumen bond in your veins, you will be good to go with”.

(He cornered his gaze, to ensure there are no running car driving towards them so as not to get rammed in the act).

“Are we all set to go?…….”

(He asked his to be driver for the moment).

TAXI DRIVER .(Looks at the rear mirror, scratches his head,then answered).

“We all set,if you are ready”.

(They agreed on a price of #13,000 for a single passenger drive and #5,000 for a combined seat.Mr.Markus is in emergency, therefore agreed to pay a charter instead of waiting to have another passenger on board).


4.00PM UTC.

The drive to the airport started, with Mr.Markus and the driver onwards in discussion,to keep mute to themselves in a journey of forty-five minutes drive is unjustifiable to the societal value, of unity and national strength.So Mr.Markus open on a discussion.

PASSENGER.(Toasting the toasties of the country’s time sceneries).

“So, how will it be like if you weren’t the today’s driver”.

(Teasing the country’s business hours, imploring the economy ciphers).

TAXI DRIVER.(Add another gear to the speed,a right topic at the right time).

“I will have been a presenter,a timeless broadcaster.Mass communication and infotech is my expertise and area of specialization.With interest in the city FM’s module”.

(He hiss)

“But here I am,hush hush like a puppies puppet driving a taxi, cozy with only a steering pump for the day”.

(Quickly he added to the embassy suites of his grandeur omniscient words).

“Though I owned this cab,I am not complaining”.

PASSENGER.(Smiley laught the cab jest)


(Speaking in fulbe dialect, because he is a chamba boy from the highlands of Mambilla plateau,Gembu precisely).

“We couldn’t have had a better treatment.Our sins is because we are born Nigerians and Africans.For years now, have I had a Master’s degree in Business Administration.Hey friend,I simply have to relocate to London for a favourable paying job”.

(Smirk water from the bottle of water he is with)

“To level up, one has to find a way out”.

(Gargle his voice and shake his head)

“We shouldn’t have got into the tunnel in the first place, and now there are so many tunnels in the country, each with hurdles to cross.We have come far as a country but in courtesy”.

(Drive his nerves to fruition and serves his smooth).

TAXI DRIVER.(unshackled the ushering silence)

“Precisely as a nation,we are for the butter in sharing the national cake not for nation building.But who can say to stay”.

(With parables, take a corner)

“But that is good,in another angle.Wrecking the fabric of the society will teach us a bitter lesson, for example if not here in the city, the roads are degeneratively bad, thanks to courtesy of a country coupon,we learn from our mistakes”.

(There the taxi driver pull a stop, announcing arrival at the airport).

“We have come to the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport,sir,this is the last bus stop,we the taxi drivers are  not permitted to go beyond here,but there are airport shuttle sir”.

(Mr.Markus Peter Tosh comes out of the cab taxi,pays his fees and call out for the airport entrance shuttle.For almost twenty five minutes he was in the airport confirming his flight reschedule.That done,he went out of the airport and make a reservation at a hotel to makeup for the reschedule time of 2.00AM UTC).


5.25PM UTC.

(It wasn’t old into relaxation that he remembered he is not with his luggage,his traveling bag with all his papers.)


(Mr.Markus Peter Tosh shout out)

“Indeed,I didn’t walked into that hotel with my bag.I must have forgot it in the chartered taxi I hired during the day.Everything done with only a phone and wallet housing my travel receipts.What a hectic day in a libra saturn.Where now can I find the taxi driver in this city hub nose”.

(Carving his tease grade)

“Life couldn’t have been more miserable than it is now, the worst has happened.All papers and monies trapped in a bag with a common taxi driver that is nowhere to found.Cozy Orjiokor an actress name I can remember”.

(In a pop of champagne,he wishes away the uploading zeals).

“I now get to swing into action,to recover my travel documents.What now should I do, where should I start from, where should I go, hectic day in a hectic season”.

(Wildly in deep thought,as to where to start from.He return to his hotel reservation and take a shower bath,reach for his wallet and order a fried chicken,wine to make the day tasty,so as to have enough room for thought of where to start)

“I can make the day Quee on here, and held the traffic as long as the taxis still fly the roads.I am gonna make phone calls to upset the missing mirrors,for sure”

(He reach for his phone singing a song out of nowhere)

Here comes I
Passing paperless"_________1

"As Taxi driver
Travel documents"_________2

"In wherewithal city
  Of cabs

"A take season
  In grease"_______________4

"A bullish harami
  Of evening

"Of swams swine's
  Of beecombs

"Coiffure hustles
  In I struggles"__________7

(While still on the phone,he pulled a corky forky joke in Igbo dialect)

“Ngozi anabia”

(And hysterically laughed to it, with a looming conjuncture of thought about where to rediscover his on errand travel documents)

“We are now good to go, with the help of my friends on FM radio station here and there I may get my travel documents back,since from my conversation with the taxi driver,I learnt that he has a penchant for FM radio broadcasting,had it been he has his ways,he could have been a broadcaster,may be that is why his cab radio is always on.And I understand that he is listening to Aso radio 96.9 FM,he may still be on track,let me try luck”.

(He dial his friend phone number and brief him about the situation on ground.Without mystery their efforts yield result.As on hearing the missing documents announcement.The taxi driver unhesitant walk into the Aso radio FM station premises and handed the necessary.An act that resulted in fetching him grandeur of his ambition.)

“I couldn’t believe I will be so elevated to the status of a communicator, punching the air waves with a different looming covert affairs.A choice I have to make of either traveling to London for returning a bagel containing mere papers and few hundred millions of dollars; #catchable catchall captcha grilled cheese sandwich of onions paying sketches of unemployed graduate struggler on the street of mission to nowhere#….I am flabbergasted in flabby boldface and skinny voice, mailing jeans in chauffeuring drive to safety in mission to nowhere.”

(In jumpstart jumpsuit bumps of startled reflexology action,in happier than I fair affairs.Happy with enchantments that is foils in bundles of joy.He comes out stronger, muttering)

“I will be the on air master of ceremony, stylist, dishing out the foiled cooler music rhythm, meteverse carefree chauffeur not taxis tacos or steyr dunes to the metro card.Pinging the inactive iMac city dullards.Rhytm 99.9,96.9,93.9 FM stations”.


Zappos zaphaniah tongue daphne's

"Prisms pranks,in fact hatpins
It tells on your face
Of the jaundice wrinkles"________1

"The garage scorching sun
In the scorpion stings

"Urchins fetches ugh
That is of me
In the steyr"___________3

"I,I,I pray
That there is no gullible gullies fillies
With the steyr all day praying_____4

"The shackles in shackles stacks
Deep diving
Driving in the metro"_____________5

"From Ughelli
An urched in the urches pitches
And in the basket indices,doji's"__6

"I communicate with the gods
Catch calling catches of datas
That form deltas planes, here"_____7

"With no experience experimenting
At the berth of stocky floor
Monday to Friday a week"________8

Afternoon comes with evening stars
From the morning McDonald's"________9

"A taxi communicate
Weave wave, breeze
There's no Bonaparte at Napoleon Hill or Waterloo"________________________10

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