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Level one
Personal finance class
13 courses.

-Summary of the origin of Cryptocurrency.

-Classes of Cryptocurrency.


-Ownership of coins.

-Cryptocurrency exchange market.

-Uses of Cryptocurrency.

-Classes of Cryptocurrency wallets.

-Cryptocurrency wallet security.



-Principles of finance.

-Digital keyboard and web 3.0

There is always a new means to finance,Satoshi Nakamoto,start this revolution of seeing economies in a whole new dimensions.

Level two
Personal finance class
12 courses.

-Secured creditors and unsecured creditors.


-Trading robots.

-Trade multipliers.

-Crypto derivatives.

-Non-fungible tokens.

-Peer-to-peer deposits.

-Digital options.

-Basket indices.

-Stable coins.

-Icos (Initial coins offering).

-Exchange integration.

In trading cryptocurrency,one cannot be without having a clear picture.

Level three
Personal finance class
10 courses.

-Developers documentation.

-Breaking news and cryptocurrency.

-Yield farming.

-Classification of cryptography.

. Secret key.
. Public key.
. Hash function.

-Cryptocurrency and stock exchange.

-Cryptocurrency as a global phenomenon.

-Cryptocurrency and government regulations.

-Regulation of Cryptocurrency in United States.

-Graphical representation of Cryptocurrency trading.

When it comes to cryptocurrency, serious regulations has to be taken.

Level four
Personal finance class
4 courses.

-Classification of exchange market.

. Centralized exchange market.
. Decentralized exchange market.
. Hybrid exchange market.

-Ethereum mainnet.

-Types of wallets.

-Crypto stakes upgrade.

Extra lessons.

-Cryptocurrency blending with the traditional financial institutions.

-Cryptocurrency and mobile financial occult.

-Cryptocurrency and the economy.

-Solana blockchain.

More extra lesson.

-Cryptocurrency,fintech and the modern economy.

. Dissertation.


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