Hello, my fellow cryptocurrency czars chars, after a while we here once again in our class of personal finance, where we make a vow to understand the operations of cryptocurrency.

In our today’s lesson we will look at the uses of cryptocurrency.

The following are the uses of cryptocurrency.

-Cryptocurrency gives you the hospitality of making private transactions.

-Sending non-cash remittance is opportune with cryptocurrency.

-You can get paid to post content with cryptocurrency.

-In early stage start up, cryptocurrency is a means of investment.

-With Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, you can earn interest with yield farming.

-Because cryptocurrency is an individually managed financial asset,it is good an alternative resistance tool in censorship.The state had no control over my wealth.

-With cryptocurrency, there is the advantage of low cost money transfer.

-Cryptocurrency gives you the best option of trading any time any where, especially now that there are mobile wallets.

-Cryptocurrency allows you to store your keys privately, that even the service provider doesn’t know of.

The act of peer to peer digital payment system that doesn’t rely on banks to verify transactions is a system that enable anyone anymore to send and receive payment without state censorship.

Cryptocurrency is a new paradigm for money, with a penchant of streamlining existing financial structure in making it faster and to the common man.

It will be moving and realizable to have it encore that cryptocurrency technologies and structure, decentralized the present monetary system, there by making it ok for transacting pairs to exchange value pleasantries and money without the involvement of a middle ground.

As such, monetary system will continue to evolve, undoubtedly and cryptocurrency market will continue to be straighten.

In our future class we will know more about the position of ‘Yield farming’.Thank you for joining this class, you are welcome once again.

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