Jalingo Flyover And Bridge Construction.

As it is dubbed, the Yolatown bye pass is a must look Flyover,as it is strategically placed in a too tiny space but construction magic makes it a wonderful site to be behold.

This act of magnanimity by the administration of governor architect Darius Ishaku is a posterity gesture for the upcoming generation, not only to ease the movement of vehicles around the bye pass, but to bring beauty and elegance to the surrounding.

And it indeed does, with a touch of generosity to the inhabitants of jalingo and the passing by motorist.

The flyover in a whooping construction cost of #35B is an exercise of the state government, with a 15km dual enrollment carriage road stretching from Pantinapu Numan axis to jalingo and NYSC camp from Wukari to jalingo.

This flyover construction is the first of it’s kind in jalingo, and it is going to be constructed with a built out drainage and cover system for a distance of 10 km of the 15 km stretched of the road, that is to say through the length of mile 6 to ATC.

To make matters beautiful, strategically the construction comes with user end points,as six pedestrian bridges are to follow in the construction exercise.They are as follows.

-ATC junction at kasuwan bera.

-Mile six.

-Roadblock junction just near the flyover.

-Nukai market.

-A’d the others at Reverend Jolly T.Nyame stadium.

For more information visit the following website link below.

God bless.


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